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Advanced Maintenance Planning & Scheduling with MRO Best Practices

24 Jun - 28 Jun 2024

Workshop Overview

Workshop Trainer: Andrew Gager

This five-day training program offers a thorough overview of the Work Management Process with emphasis on world class Maintenance Planning & Scheduling along with MRO Storeroom best practices. A key element to any organization’s success is having a maintenance department running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency. To achieve this, it is essential to have competent work preparers / schedulers that can ensure the maintenance workforce is provided with the right information, tools, and materials. However, very few have been formally trained which leads to inefficiencies in both maintenance and operations. Maintenance Planning & Scheduling with MRO is a five-day, interactive training course designed to provide maintenance planners with proven techniques, tools, and effective procedures that promote efficiency, effectiveness, and direct utilization of the maintenance workforce. This in turn influences the reliability, availability, and the maintainability of an organization’s assets. This session will provide you with the essential knowledge and expertise to give you the confidence of a seasoned professional.

The session also covers MRO-Storeroom best practices to support the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Work Management process. The sole purpose of a MRO Storeroom is Risk Mitigation. Maintenance organizations need the right material, in the proper quantity, at the right time that ensures assets are running at optimum levels and condition. This course is developed to meet any organization’s goals and objectives by assuring the right materials are available at the right time by the most cost-effective means. This is achieved through strategic practices and tactical processes.

Attendees will benefit from our interactive and adult learning techniques, while also receiving a firsthand understanding of developing a world-class operation. Regardless of your level of expertise, this course will provide you with the framework and tools to develop and deploy a best-in-class Work Management Program and take full advantage of the best practices and strengths of your organization.

This highly interactive course is designed to provide a training environment that maximizes the interaction between attendees and the instructor. Attendees will complete and review daily exercises designed to enhance and reinforce knowledge retention and provide the best opportunity for success.

Program Focus

- Understand how maintenance supports World Class Asset Management

- Identify the benefits planning and scheduling has on Maintenance productivity and utilization

- Demonstrate the skills to plan PM, PdM & CM work

- Identify the indicators and understand the benefits of integrating asset management processes and systems

- Acquire the knowledge to identify, analyze, and implement Risk Based Strategies

- Apply strategic plans to achieve Asset Management best practices by integrating Planning & Scheduling with Organizational goals and objectives

- Discuss the materials management challenges that organizations are facing

- Identify the key elements of materials management

- Discover the characteristics and steps involved in effective materials management processes

- Describe the basic steps involved in implementing effective Inventory Control best practices and Identify contributors to total cost of materials

- Practice techniques to manage inventory investment and Understand the standard set of basic materials management key performance indicators

Benefits of Attending

Your planners will be conversant with the techniques and procedures of effective Planning and scheduling. They will also learn to coordinate the maintenance schedule with production control and operations. This new understanding will lead to better job plans and more effective scheduling.

Well-planned, adequately scheduled, and effectively coordinated jobs are.

  • More Efficiently
  • Greater Safety
  • Improved Morale (by providing Greater Job Satisfaction)
  • With fewer disturbances to operations
  • At lower Cost
  • With higher quality (reduce variability in your process)
  • Increased Longevity of equipment.

Who Should Attend?

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling was designed specifically for individuals participating in or aspiring to further their professional careers and accreditation.

-Maintenance Planners ,Work Preparers & Supervisors
- Reliability Engineers
- Operations Supervisors
- CI Leaders
- Reliability Professionals
- Storeroom Manager & Supervisors
- MRO Storeroom Attendants
- Purchasing Managers & Supervisors
- Accounting Personnel
- Plant Management

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