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Interest Rate Benchmark Reform

Stride into a world without LIBOR.

07 Dec - 08 Dec 2021   |   Virtual Course

Course Overview

‘Interbank Offered Rate’ (IBOR) reference interest rates are ending soon. LIBOR (the London-based set of IBOR rates for GBP, USD, CHF, and JPY) will be ceasing as early as 31st December 2021. This 2-day course will teach participants about the upcoming move away IBOR rates to the new ‘Risk-Free Rate’ benchmarks examine the transition requirements for financial institutions and companies to move their business to this new suite of interest benchmarks in time for the upcoming change.

Over the two days participants will learn what went wrong with IBOR rates, how the replacement RFR rates work and how interest will be calculated, how bonds, corporate loans and derivatives will work in the RFR world, and finish by understanding the consensus approach to converting legacy IBOR deal.

Benefits of Attending

Bank treasury and front office trading/sales staff
Bank corporate coverage and relationship management staff
Treasury staff in companies
Accountants or Finance staff and Business Managers
IBOR project team managers and members
Management consultants
Compliance & legal managers
Anyone who knows that IBOR rates have an impact on their role or organisation

Who Should Attend?

  • Gain an understanding of why LIBOR is being replaced and the mechanics of the new replacement RFR rates.
  • Learning the details of the interest calculations using the new rates.
  • Understand the impact of LIBOR transition on the whole business of a bank or company.
  • Discover the different methods for transitioning legacy LIBOR deals and the growing consensus for best practice.

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