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Operational Risk & Key Risk Indicators (KRI)

28 Nov - 30 Nov 2022   |   Virtual Course

Course Overview

Operational Risk Management (Op Risk) is a comprehensive systematic approach for helping organisations identify, measure, prioritise and respond to the operational risks challenging its most critical objectives related to projects, initiatives and day-to-day practices. Firms want to become more effective in using Operational Risk as a strategic decision-making instrument to run the business supported by Risk optimization within a risk management framework.

In addition to Operational Risk, this course will also focus on Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and how they can effectively help an organisation prevent risks and take advantage of the opportunities posed by certain risks. The course reviews KRIs in detail and provides a framework for applying KRI management processes to improve risk awareness and goal completion in the organisation. By attending this course, you will receive practical advice on how the Firm’s management can mitigate risk at its early stages and adjust risk management tactics to maximise the benefit of risk through Key Risk Indicators.

The Basel II Accord introduced for banks has the concept of advanced internal models where for the first-time capital was required for operational risk. The regulatory response for Operational Risk during the 2008-2009 financial crisis is now contained and now preparations have started for Basel IV not as a single regulatory framework but rather as a collection of changing international banking standards. In fact, the Basel Committee view these reforms as simply completing the Basel III Accord as it contests the use of the unapproved ‘Basel IV’. Irrespective of the terminology, significant new burdensome requirements are being introduced by the Bank for International Settlements and the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision.

In fact, Basel IV is being referred to as the most comprehensive transformation package in the history of the Basel regulations. This course will discuss the Basel IV calculations and requirements in detail. This course/workshop explains the subject of Operational Risk Management and KRIs and explores the process and techniques available for the successful assessment and treatment of operational risk and the embedding of operational risk management KRIs in the organization.

Program Focus

This is not a quantitative course/workshop. There are no specific prerequisites or knowledge requirements, although some familiarity with basic banking, risk & capital and risk management issues would be an advantage.

This course/workshop will appeal to a wide range of participants as necessary

Benefits of Attending

This 3-day extensive training is both a learning and refresher course designed to provide Operational Risk and KRI knowledge towards:

  • An opportunity for firms to invest in the development of their future specialists and managers
  • A broader knowledge for staff about key business and regulatory issues faced by senior management
  • An examination that is tailored to reflect current Operational Risk issues
  • Key concepts that confirm operational risk as a core operational issue
  • The methods and strategies for using KRIs efficiently
  • Designing an efficient indicator programme in a risk management framework
  • Improving returns as a result of monitoring KRIs
  • The calculation of Operational Risk Capital under Basel II/III and the new upcoming Basel IV requirements.

Participants will gain in-depth and detailed subject knowledge by focusing on the exploration, analysis and evaluation of Operational Risk and KRI issues.

Who Should Attend?

This course in Operational Risk and KRIs is aimed at individuals operating in roles where an understanding of operational risk will be of benefit, such roles include those at supervisory and manager levels, with a working knowledge of operational risk and KRI issues that affect their own business environment.

  • C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CRO, CIA)
  • Heads of Risk
  • Risk Managers
  • Board Directors
  • Heads of Audit
  • Heads of Compliance
  • Risk Project Managers
  • Business Heads
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Risk managers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Compliance managers
  • External Auditors
  • Consultants and financial services industry suppliers including IT firms
  • Front office and Back Office Staf

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