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Process Online Analyzer & Sample System

14 Nov - 17 Nov 2022   |   Virtual Course

Workshop Overview

Process Online Analyser systems are required in all process industries like Oil & Gas , Petrochemical , Chemical , Metals ,Cement & Power plants for process streams composition and Environmental emission measurement purpose to ensure proper process monitoring , Product quality , Personnel and Plant Safety and environmental pollution monitoring .
Expectation and Demand from process industries users is to have a Reliable , Dependable and Accurate Online Analyser system that are simple to maintain and have with higher availability.

It is therefore very important to understand the process sample gas properties & chemistry and the actual process requirement before designing and selecting a suitable Analyser system. This course will prove in depth knowledge about working principle and functioning of complete Analyser system , different types / Technology options available for each parts of Analyser system , Process parameters influencing the design and selection of Analyser system , key design consideration specific to application requirement to ensure Reliable ,Dependable and Accurate measurement , Understating the ExHazardous area safety requirement and various methods/ option to send the measured result from the Analyser system to Plant operator station .

Apart from ensuring a proper design and engineering of the system – it is equally important that proper installation of the Analyser system is done and are maintained properly . This course will provide a very good installation guidelines and maintenance recommendation for Complete Analyser system .

Detailed review of complete Analyser system solution for some of key Analytical applications of various process industries like Oil & Gas , Petrochemical etc…

Program Focus

  • Select the right type of probe for the application and decide the probe length and location for better performance result of the Analyser system .
  • Select the right type of sample transport line and the size and achieve a desired sample lag time .
  • Acquire a high level understanding of sampling systems and will be able to review the sample system schematic and know if there are any major design issues or any significant factors that may introduce error in the performance of analyser system or introduce too much of sample lag time delay ,
  • Learn about safety standards and practices followed in Analyser shelter .
  • Learn how to troubleshoot different common and complex design issues – starting form process tapping point up to Analysers .
  • Understand in detail how some of key sample conditioning devices functions and what can be maintenance issues with these devices and how to solve it.
  • Maintenance issues in sample system accessories and what are likely causes and how to take care of such issues .
  • Selection of proper analyser technology for the application . Pros and cons of different analyser technology and how to select the best technology for the application requirement . How to select proper measuring range for better accuracy. Common maintenance issues in Analysers and possible solutions .
  • In depth technical knowledge and functioning of some key process online analyser applications. Different available communication methods / philosophy between Analysers and the DCS . Possible Analyser network configuration and how to ensure it’s flexibility for expansion / integration of different Analyser technology.
  • Learn about the ways to eliminate or minimize errors in measurement to get more reliable ,dependable and accurate measurement .
  • Understand different Ex-Hazardous area classification and their implication with regard to safety.

Benefits of Attending

Upon completion of this training course , Participants will come to know about :-

  • Different types of sample probes and how to select the right kind of probe for particular application . How to decide on probe insertion length and how to select best installation location for the probe.
  • Different types of sample transport lines and how to select the proper sample transport lines for particular application . How to decide if heating or non heating or insulated lines are required and what size is best . Will have very good knowledge on sample lag time and factors effecting the sample lag time and solutions to reduce the sample lag times .
  • In depth technical knowledge on sample system for vapor and liquid phase sample system – primary sample system , secondary sample system – how to select different accessories in sample system for a particular application , factors influencing performance of sample system and possible solutions to eliminate these error factors .
  • Some key sampling system accessories – detailed functional method , factors to be considered while selecting these accessories , likely problems that can arise in these accessories and possible remedies .
  • Different Analyser Technologies – Continuous Gas analysers ( IR /Paramagnetic / Thermal conductivity / UV/Chemiluminescence/Laser ), Zirconium oxide ( In situ & closed couple extractive type) Gas Chromatograph ( Field mounted and conventional GC ), FTIR AnalyserWorking principle , calibration procedure , Pros and cons of different technology ,interference ,measurement accuracy , Maintenance and trouble shooting,
  • Ex- Hazardous area classification – for sample system and Analysers
  • Some key Process online analyser applications in Petrochemical / Oil and Gas / Chemical etc ( CEMS will not be covered in this training course )

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who has an engineering background interested in understanding the fundamentals of designing, integrating, installation and commissioning, operating or maintaining sampling systems and Analysers, including system and design engineers, skilled technicians, and a wide array of industry professionals
  • Project Engineers responsible for handling Online Analyser system projects
  • Appropriate for training both fresh and experienced Analytical professionals

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