Trainings By Informa Markets in India

Certified Training & Development Professionals

15 Jun - 17 Jun 2020   |   Africa

Course Overview

Training & development is not a reward; it is an investment on the part of the organisation and in these days of smaller budgets and shrinking profit margins, the organisation must strive to identify and bring about the development initiatives that have the greatest impact and highest return on that investment (ROI). It is a process of identifying the skills and capabilities of an individual and designing a development strategy that will result in improved performance and career growth. Successful competency and career development involves changes that are systematic, organised, and successive, setting expectations of proactivity.

They enable employees to produce better results, faster services and more competitive organisations. There is no single, shot-in-the-arm solution to this issue; effective talent development solutions need to designed top-down and bottom-up to meet the needs of the business, its market, its clients, employees and the environment. Successful talent development solutions are organic within the culture of the business and focus on improving competencies, skills, productivity and performance by selecting the most cost effective and efficient learning methodology. Careful budget planning and the distribution of scare resources towards initiatives that maximise effectiveness and productivity; run by managers with the skills to make it work, supported by a development strategy that builds on the capabilities of employees; will result in better results, greater efficiency and more profits.

This workshop is learner centric and focusses on practical skills. It is activity-based, with each training session offering a range of activities designed to engage and involve delegates in the learning process. Following adult learning theory, each module allows participants to explore, analyse and assess the issues and explore and evaluate possible solutions. The course has been designed to accommodate different learning preferences so that activists, theorists, pragmatists and reflectors can all benefit from the learning experience. The facilitators encourage open learning and discussion, passing on not only their own extensive experience but encouraging learning through sharing the knowledge and experience of the delegates. The course contains a wealth of practical examples and case studies as well as some simple tools and techniques that delegates can apply readily within their own organisation.

Benefits of Attending

Ensure employee development is linked to job performance and desired competency-based behaviours

Learn how to ensure that development is integrated to succession planning and a wider employee retention strategy.

Be able to identify critical skills deficits and select appropriate performance enhancing training & development

Learn a global model for team career development & team succession planning

Be able to select the most appropriate and cost effective learning strategy

Know how to assess the effectiveness of training

Be able to assess the content, structure & layout of a training workshop to ensure success

Learn how to measure the ROI of development and career planning initiatives

Learn how the T&D function can add value to line-Managers in the organisation

Assess various employee retention models and how to apply these to your organisation

Create a measurable action plan to implement the workshop learning and bring world-class competency based employee skills building and career development initiatives to your organisation

Who Should Attend?

  • Talent development professionals & L&D function leaders
  • Managers, & Department Heads with responsibility for their own team training & development

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