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Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Development

Expanding our emotional elasticity and leadership-tool-kit’

22 Jun - 24 Jun 2021   |   Virtual Course

Course Overview

The purpose of this 3-day workshop is to create a sense of intrinsic motivation amongst the participants and to instil a sense of collective work ethic and creation of key core values aligned with their organisations: Mission and Vision.

During times of crisis it is more imperative now than ever before for managers to harness the skills and competencies of: Transformational Leaders. Teams are derived of people, people drive the organisation. People are driven by energy in motion= emotion.

Leaders are an extension of Human Resources. Psychological elasticity is the key to adapting to the changing macro and micro environments and the factors that heavily impact team cohesiveness, motivation and engagement.

We need to instil a sense of urgency for our teams to: ‘Get up, dress and deliver’.

Individuals need to be more visible now. More relevant. More engaged. However, understanding the Human change cycle is imperative for primal leadership and driving organisational sustainability and development into 2021: Post CRISIS Teams.

Much of the workforce is stressed, confused and most likely feeling displaced. The importance of maintaining communication and morale within your teams is more important now than it’s ever been. It is important to maintain mass communication with staff and ultimately maintain productivity.

Program Focus

Dr. Daniel Goleman’s: Six Styles of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership that gets proven results
Emotional Took-kit for 21st century leadership effectiveness
DNA of Transformational Leadership for integrated stakeholder engagement
Develop techniques to undo poor behaviour and habits and replace them with new one's for a lasting effect
Identify effective communication methods (Verbal and Non-Verbal) that enhance leadership and team integration
Emotional leadership/Team-ship Intelligence that drives employee engagement and increased productivity and performance
4 quadrants of Dr. Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence: Self-regulation of emotional mindset and behaviour; how to use Emotional Intelligence to connect with internal/external stakeholders
Advanced Self-Mastery Techniques for transformational leadership: Primary skills leaders require to be effective based on one’s own experience, as well as recommended self-mastery techniques for transformational leadership
Personal Self- Awareness and Awareness of others: Emotional Intelligence for Integrated Team Development; Team Cohesiveness and Collaboration
Neuro-scientific leadership- Conversational Intelligence and leadership communication by Dr. Judith.E.Glaser: The act of ‘imparting information’ for the purpose of ‘evoking understanding. The biochemistry of conversations.
Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams: ‘Team-ship Intelligence’: Identifying and making effective use of each other's: strengths, weakness and personality profile to mitigate and avoid conflict and create high performing teams - Understand Behaviour Triggers: Human triggers of negative behaviour

Benefits of Attending

Organisational Culture
Create and sustain corporate behaviours and values to contribute to this unusual environment working from home and transitioning back into the workplace
Staff Engagement
Provide continued interaction and relations between your organization and staff demonstrating your transparency and leadership
Maintaining Productivity
Without the continuous supervision and interactions at the office, staff need to feel that although their physical contact has been suspended, psychologically, they can still feel connected and that their contributions are being valued.
Crisis & Change Management
Assisting staff to navigate through this crisis and adapt to the sudden changes that it brings and will continue to bring for the foreseeable future.
Create awareness regarding the unique challenges of working from home alongside family members.
Personalised Internal Communication
Communication needs to be much more intentional.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for any executive, on any level who is an active member of team( don’t have to be a manager), aspiring as managers or leaders as well as for those who already are managers & leaders and want to expand their leadership skills and competencies to face organizational challenges.

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